Last month, we had the opportunity to host a Spring Allergies workshop and we are thankful for everyone that participated! We wanted to share insight about natural spring allergy remedies from that workshop with you who could not make it. We encourage you to stay connected with us and join us for any future workshops. Our next workshop, “Healthy Families” on April 22nd at 6:30 pm, we will have a mid-wife and dula as our speaker.

Are Spring Allergies Normal?

Spring allergies are common, but are they normal? Approximately 50 million Americans deal with allergies on a regular basis, but allergies are a damaging immune response by the body to a substance. Ideally, your body would have plenty of antihistamines to combat any irritants. Most people take allergy medications or shots to increase their body’s immune system against allergies.

What if there was a way to naturally build resistance to allergens instead of over-the-counter medications? At our Tallahassee Chiropractic Clinic, we believe in a holistic lifestyle and natural spring allergy remedies that will strengthen your immune system against irritants like pollen, pet fur, and foods.

Health is ability to be able to heal the way that God intended it to heal.
Dr. Isaac Montilla, Verity Health Center

Many people use over-the-counter medications to treat the symptoms of spring allergies. All allergy medications on the market today have side effects including runny nose, coughing, itching, redness and difficulty breathing. Basically, your allergy medications can cause you to experience the same symptoms you are trying to reduce! Avoid all those side effects by simply taking steps to enhance your overall health. As high as 95% of diseases can be prevented by healthy living and we can help you reach your optimal health–the way God intended you to heal.

Natural Spring Allergy Remedies

Research shows that spring allergy season is starting to begin earlier and last longer, so now is the time to consider adding natural remedies to your routine. You can be empowered about your changing your health today and see results in as little as a month!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is essential to overcoming allergy symptoms. Staying hydrated helps your body continue to produce a high number of antihistamines to help reduce your reactions. Also, if you are dehydrated, allergy medicines and decongestants typically dry you out sending you deeper into a cycle of dehydration! The amount of water you should drink daily is highly individualized and one of our nutritionist would love to help develop a plan for you!

Essential Oils

Essential oils can make a positive impact on your health and well-being. Each essential oil offers a different variety of benefits. We recommend using eucalyptus for combating spring allergies. Eucalyptus is great for increasing circulation in your body by opening up your lungs and sinuses and decreasing your nasal symptoms. Use oil in a diffuser to fill your environment or buy a plant to hang in your shower during the allergy season.

Environmental Honey

According to the National Library of Medicine, natural honey can improve the symptoms of allergies. We recommend a teaspoon of local raw honey each day. Try to find honey from a local beekeeper near you to help with your specific allergies. When bees pollinate they pick up pollen from the environment and bring it back to the hive. Small amounts of pollen remain in the honey. When ingesting the local allergens found in the honey, your immune response to the specific allergens in your local area can be strenghtened.

Check Weather Apps

Pollen counts check the number of pollen grains in the air. When there is a high amount of pollen in the air, it can impact your immune system and increase asthma! Knowing the pollen count can help you decide to spend less time outside, take a shower as soon as you get home, or consider leaving your shoes outside. You can determine your local pollen counts through weather apps on your phone.

Chiropractic Care

We are driven by one fundamental and inevitable truth: ALL healing comes from within. Our chiropractic treatments naturally help your body perform at its best. Chiropractic care reduces the stress on your spinal cord and allows your neurological system to function properly. Chiropractic care complemented by acupuncture therapy improves your immune system and your response to allergy irritants.

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Tallahassee Chiropractic Natural Remedies for Spring Allergies

Allergies are common, but they are not normal responses for your body. You can build your immune system naturally to combat allergies by staying hydrated, using eucalyptus, ingesting local honey, checking the weather, and coming in for regular chiropractic care! Call us, your favorite Tallahassee Chiropractor, today to book your appointment.